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ACA Major Medical


Comprehensive medical plans that are in compliance with the Affordable Care Act laws of having minimum essential coverage. You may qualify for a government subsidy to pay down your monthly premium payment. Applicants can only enroll in ACA Major Medical Plans during the National Open Enrollment period or if they have a life qualifying event.

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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement insurance plans help cover some of the costs not covered by Medicare Parts A and B, such as deductibles and coinsurance, so you have more predictable costs. You can keep the same doctors, you are still in the Medicare program, and you have all of your Medicare rights and protections.


In most states*, policies are standardized into plans labeled A through N. All policies cover basic benefits, but each has additional benefits that vary by plan.** Medicare Supplement insurance plans A through G provide benefits at higher premiums with limited out-of-pocket costs. Plans K through N are cost-sharing plans offering similar benefits at lower premiums with greater out-of-pocket costs.

Short Term Major Med.


Comprehensive medical plans that you may enroll into year round. They do not include the minimum essential benefits required by the Affordable Care Act like maternity and mental illness coverage which typically keeps the rates much lower than traditional major medical plans. Next day effective dates may also be available with certain providers giving you the coverage you need right away.

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Supplement or Gap Plans

77% of all Americans will never satisfy their health insurance plans deductable. Supplemental and Gap plans take the worry away from having a large deductable. Get a plan designed to help pay down your deductable in the event of a major medical issue.


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Life Insurance


Have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of in the event that you pass away. We work with 32 Major A rated life insurance companies offering a wide varity of plans ranging from Accidental Death Plans, Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Final Expense, Guaranteed Issue Life and Simplified Issue Life Plans.  



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Dental and Vision

The mouth and eyes are a very important part of your body and your health. Regular dental and vision checkups can help find early warning signs of disease. Taking care of your teeth and your eyes can help contribute to your overall health. Having the right dental and vision insurance plan can help contain high out-of-pocket expenses.

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Medicare supplement policies have exclusions, limitations and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For cost and complete details of the coverage, contact your insurance agent